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Pure Mayan Ceremonial Cacao

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space that invites you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and heart-centered connection. It serves as a gateway to your inner self, allowing you to delve into your purpose, release old patterns and traumas, and cultivate a greater sense of love and compassion. By setting your intentions and embracing the transformative power of cacao, you can deepen your self-awareness and unlock new insights.

The remarkable properties of cacao work harmoniously with your physical being, instilling a sense of happiness, relaxation, and openness. While consuming cacao and continuing with your day may bring subtle changes, it is in the intentional act of ceremony, creating a sacred space, where you truly experience the difference. By bringing focused attention to the present moment, you can tap into the depths of your emotions, facilitating energetic healing and transformation.

Cacao offers a powerful opportunity to transmute and transcend negative emotions, guiding you towards healing through energetic release. It is a gateway for authentic expression, allowing you to cry, laugh, giggle, sweat, dance, sing, meditate, journal, or simply be. Whatever emotions arise within you, they are welcomed and embraced as part of your unique journey.

In a Cacao Ceremony, give yourself permission to create a spacious and nurturing environment where everything that needs to be expressed can flow freely. Allow yourself to deeply feel into the moment, surrendering to the wisdom and guidance that arises from within. Trust that by immersing yourself in the transformative embrace of cacao, you are embarking on a soul-stirring experience of self-discovery and healing.

It started when Cacao reintroduced me to my heart, my ancestors, and my Ancestral Plant Magic...

In the summer of 2015, my life underwent a profound transformation during my time in Bali. It was there, in a miraculous twist of fate, that I was introduced to Mayan Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala—the very place where my paternal lineage originated. In that moment, I felt an immediate and undeniable connection to my ancestors, calling me to the land and beckoning me to embrace the spirit of cacao. Before long, I made my way to Guatemala, and since then, I have been deeply devoted to sharing the magic of this sacred plant medicine with the world. It has truly been a blessing to honor and share the gift of my ancestors.

For me, cacao represents more than just a delicious treat—it is an emblem of reclamation work and cultural revitalization. As an ancestral plant, cacao carries the wisdom and legacy of my people. It is both an honor and a responsibility to share my plant ally with you. Through this sacred connection, we embark on a journey of healing, unity, and profound transformation.

Through the cacao spirit, I have been given a remarkable opportunity to connect with this part of myself on the most genuine and profound level imaginable. I can now feel the resounding connection to my ancestors from Guatemala and Mexico.


Our ancestors are perpetually present, watching over us, providing unwavering support, and loving us unconditionally. We need only open ourselves to receive the immense support available through this ancestral connection. This awareness is crucial because, in the course of our lives, we will all experience the loss of loved ones and some of us will have severed connections to our roots.


Through the divine connection fostered by cacao, you can deepen your bond with the spirits of your ancestors and find solace, wholeness, and unity within yourself. The ancestors love you unconditionally and are wholeheartedly rooting for you, guiding you, supporting you, and enveloping you in their profound love and magic!

Join me on this extraordinary journey of reclamation and cultural revitalization. Let us honor the wisdom of our ancestors and celebrate the magic of cacao together. It is with great humility and gratitude that I share this sacred plant ally with you, inviting you to experience its transformative power and embrace the richness of our collective heritage. Together, let us create a ripple of healing and unity through the blessings of cacao.

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We make pure ceremonial cacao accessible and easy to use. Our products and offerings are how we show sacred activism in response to a consumptive and exploitative chocolate industry. Working personally with indigenous farmers and women's collectives, we are restoring right relation to Mother Earth and her children. By interacting with this heart medicine, you are in direct and right connection to the simple yet profound blessings that come from reverence for all involved with this sacred process of pure ceremonial cacao cultivation and production, 

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